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According to scientific studies, the reason you feel so great after a massage comes down to hormones, specifically oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Plus these hormones are the same ones involved in falling in love, bonding to a partner and also in feeling more calm and relaxed. And who doesn’t want to re-experience those feelings we had when first met our partners?

Couples Massage can actually help couples strengthen the bonds they have and feel connected to each other again because of the hormones released during a massage. At Massage Creations in Destin, FL, you’ve been experiencing the benefits of our Couple’s Massage by our caring, licensed massage therapists for years now, which is why we’ve created a program to help you continue that experience together at home with our Couples Massage Clinic.

Our Couples Massage Clinic Is Customized To Meet Your Needs

Depending on where you feel most relaxed, you and your partner can book a Couples Massage Clinic here at Massage Creations, or if it’s more convenient, we can come to you. During the clinic, you and your significant other will:

Learn Massage Techniques

We’ll teach the two of you tips and tricks on gentle, soothing methods of touch and massage that will help you strengthen your bonds to each other, deepen trust and release tensions that have blocked communication between each other.

Discover How Your Partner Likes To Be Touched

We’ll help you learn to “listen” to your partner’s body as well as how to feel more secure both touching your partner and telling your partner what you want and how you like to be touched. It’s ok if one of you prefers more deep tissue style massage and the other loves a light or more gentle touch.

Feel a Renewed Connection

After our Couples Massage Clinic, you and your partner will feel a renewed intimacy and connection with each other just like after any couples massage treatment, but you’ll also now know how to further deepen and renew your bond as a couple together in the privacy of your own home without the help of a therapist every time.

Feel More Relaxed

Remember those hormones, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine we mentioned earlier that are involved in that “in love” feeling? Well, there are other hormones that increase when we’re stressed like cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine that massage can help reduce. After our Couples Massage Clinic, you and your significant other will now understand how to touch each other so the two of you feel more calm and relaxed together allowing communication to flow more freely.

Fall In Love All Over Again

Whether you feel you and your partner take each other for granted, are fighting a lot, or whether you just want to strengthen the bond you already have, to schedule a Couples Massage Clinic, call Massage Creations today.

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